Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FOOTAGE OF CONEY ISLAND PART 1: Steeplechase Park 1978

With news that the storied Coney Island is due for a much-reviled makeover, Metro Recycling will be paying homage to the legendary Brooklyn beach town's golden age. First up is this amateur film footage shot by one of the guys who worked the Go-Karts at Steeplechase Park of the various rides, including the karts and some killer action footage of the Cyclone. Enjoy! -Mgmt.

WPIX Commercial Break 1980

1. Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans sale with free belt
2. Coleco Merry-Go-Round Stroller
3. WPIX 11 Alive New York promo for Magilla Gorilla
4. Ideal Beware the Spider game
5. Zenith System 3 cable-ready television (aired in Phoenix)