Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Coronet on Old Country Road in Westbury was, at root, a children's furniture store, but they also had a killer toy department as well, easily one of the best on Long Island (next to Child World, of course). The first time I ever went in there I found the ultra-rare first issue Cobra Commander figure, which I was trying to find literally everywhere to no avail. I believe I also found a rare Star Wars figure in there, too, one of the Bounty Hunters from Empire, 4-LOM, maybe?

The store has been closed for well over a decade, but memories of those super-cheezy, super-on-the-cheap local commercials with those two dudes and the Coronet mother still exist for the world to see thanks to YouTube.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Long Island Oddities has a great feature photo essay on the old Bayshore Roller Rink, which apparently still stands to this day and has proven to be a hang-out spot for obnoxious kids with terrible graf skills and urban explorers alike.

Check it out along with some of their other killer spoils from their local adventures at www.lioddities.com.